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Business Clients

We have introduced flat fees for selected business services:

  • Trademark registration - £379
  • Trademark search - £39
  • Trademark watch - £69
  • Patent registration - £449

We welcome business client referrals for the following areas of our expertise:

  • the law of finance, insurance and taxation
  • company law
  • immigration laws of the U.S. and Canada
  • legal expert systems
  • trademark registrations, watching and searches
  • patent specifications, registrations, searches and renewals
  • copyright and IP administration
  • cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology matters

Private Clients

We have introduced flat fees for selected personal client services:

  • Will Writing - £99
    • Home visit service is available in London boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Camden and City of London.
  • Assisted Divorce - £69
    • Preparation of divorce forms for uncontested divorce.
We hope that flat fees will bring higher transparency into the pricing of legal services and improve public access to justice.

We welcome clients who have been affected by any of the following:

  • divorce
  • bought/sold a house
  • been arrested
  • dealt with estate
  • clinical negligence
  • immigration - USA and Canada
  • been treated badly by the police
  • made a will
  • relationship breakdown
  • home repossessed/faced eviction
  • other personal injury
  • other problems with owned property
  • tenant/squatters
  • problem with employer
  • problems with a landlord
  • injured at work
  • re-mortgaged
  • road traffic accident
  • children
  • debt/money problems
  • welfare benefits, tax benefits
  • discrimination
  • domestic violence
Clients speaking Czech, Slovak, Russian and German are welcome as we can communicate in these languages.

Legal Expert Systems

We develop customised systems for automated legal assessment. Contact us on 07599 968 213 for details.

About us

Zdenek Masek LLB (Hons) is the founder of Legal Machinery.

Zdenek is a First Class Honours lawyer, experienced in providing advice and conducting judicial reviews, applications for injunctions, money claims and private prosecutions. He has a substantial I.T. background.

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